Eric Sussman frequently participates as a dynamic keynote speaker, panelist, and moderator at conferences on real estate, finance, and capital investments. He speaks at both small and large firms, inside and outside the United States, on various real estate, financial, accounting and corporate reporting topics. Sample lectures include:

  • State of Real Estate Market: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Headed
  • Housing Affordability: Issues, Challenges, and Proposed Solutions
  • Top Red Flags in Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Financial Reporting Value Chain and Inherent Conflicts in Financial Reporting
  • Investing in Real Assets: Real Estate and Commodities
  • Fundamentals of Investing
  • Public Policy Considerations and Housing
  • Key Issues and Considerations in Commercial Leases
  • California’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • The Balanced Scorecard and Dashboards
  • Tradeoffs and Considerations in Real Estate Finance

Eric’s fees for public speaking vary and are subject to individual negotiation.